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After twelve years and twenty-three amazing events, the Kids’ Exchange Consignment Sale is retiring. We are proud to announce that during our many years of operation, we accomplished the project’s mission of sustainability by recirculating $813,000 worth of goods throughout our community, keeping gently-used and like-new toys, clothing and children’s items out of landfills and in the stream of commerce for families to enjoy. Over 760 consignors participated by selling their items, while hundreds of volunteers generously contributed their time and energy to make our events a win-win for everyone. We donated over $54,000 in goods alone to charities and over $100,000 in sale proceeds to nonprofit organizations. We would like to thank everyone who partnered with us along the way, especially our truly incredible volunteers and everyone at the Chase Sports Complex and the Greenjackets Football Team for making this event a continually resounding success and for having such a positive impact on our community!

The Community Exchange Foundation will continue its mission of maximizing the use of idle goods and services through community recirculation, directly benefiting local life and the global environment, through future programs.

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